The Arctic and Antarctica NEW SOUNDTRACK ALBUM!

The soundtrack album for the first documentary that I scored. The film was directed and produced by our friend, Liss Ross, who visited both frozen lands: Arctic and Antarctica.

Nature themes can be heard in my music quite often, yet it was intriguing and challenging to write music about the Arctic and Antarctica – places I’ve never been to myself. What music could suit those frozen deserts? Ambient, haunting and cold are the first epithets coming to one’s mind, yet this relatively short film was packed with different, often contrasting moods. Of course, there was a place for the haunting and ambient atmosphere but it was so much more: the adventurous journey, playful encounters, diving into mysterious deeps, edgy life-threatening situations and a sweet nostalgia when it was the time to bid farewell.

These were the scenes and the moods I aimed at writing the music for: different emotions, different styles, different instruments – the whole world of music coming together to meet at the Earth poles. There was a soaring vocal ballad inviting you to the Arctic and Antarctica. There was a Latin tango of the journey to those distant lands, driven by ethnic percussion, groovy bass, sweet accordion and a singing sax. There was a humorous swing and rag with tribal ethnic drums, percussion and... tuba! Tuba always sounds a bit funny and cartoon-ish to my ears – so were the penguins and seals, playful and clumsy. There was a dark mysterious ambient synth taking you to the freezing underwater. There was a tribal vocalization, primeval and shamanistic, and there was an ethereal elegy with an exotic eastern touch. A song and a tango, a swing and a blues, a groove and a rag, a ballad and an elegy, a nocturne and a requiem – all those were inspired by watching Liss’s film.

The digital album is available on: iTunes, Amazon MP3, BandCamp, CD Baby and Spotify.

Living and breathing music, a daughter of many generations of music, I’ve always wanted to share my music with the world. Playing piano since I was four, being taught by great teachers, including my own father who showed me that playing by notes and singing in a choir is not enough to become a musician, I was eager to play everything I liked by ear. By starting to improvise in this way I have found my own style of playing, my own voice through the keys.

What a wonderful pianist, professional, expedient. Flexible and accommodating. Couldn’t dream of a better person to work with!
~ Deddy Tzur (composer)

Absolutely incredible to work with Milana. Very professional, high quality work and quick to reply. Would highly recommend!
~ Emmett Cooke (composer)

Milana is a real professional. SHE exactly wants to know which style YOU want before she starts recording. The recording quality is superb. And all that comes on top of her sparkling talent as a musician and piano player.
~ Bastiaan Kooman (singer-Songwriter)