Session musician and vocalist

Looking for a pianist to add piano to your song? Looking for a singer to add lead or back vocals?

I’ve collaborated with dozens of composers and musicians in over 50 projects in the last years, ranging from ambient instrumentals to jazz songs.

I provide the following services:
  • Recording acoustic piano Kawai GE-30 with a stereo pair of Audio Technica 4041 mics and an optional Rode NT1A for picking up lows.
  • Recording digital piano / keyboard. MIDI recording can be provided along with the synthesized WAV file, using various sampled pianos (Native Instruments), including electric piano, organ or any other synth of your choice.
  • Recording lead and back vocals using a stereo pair of Rhode NT1A mics.
  • All recordings are done using Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 interface, using Propellerhead Reason 7 or Pro Tools 12 as DAW.
  • All audio files are provided in a high quality, up to 96KHz/24bit, either as WAV files or Reason / Pro Tools session.
Skype can be used for coordinating a remote session using real-time video-chat. 48 hours average turn around.

Contact me for details and rates or request the quote on SessionExchange site.